A Graber Building is going to cost a less than a conventionally built building.

Why do Graber Buildings cost less?

A big part of the savings is in the labor. With a traditional construction project, almost half the charges are to pay the crew who work hard to build it. But the nature of pole buildings requires less labor. You’ll find that the materials Graber uses are about the same cost as other types of construction, but the design of the our buildings and efficient crews significantly reduce the costs.

The three main things that affect the price of any pole building:

  • The Size
  • The Siding and Roofing Material
  • Any non-standard options, like additional doors and windows or interior finish.

Our buildings come with a standard Graber metal roof, siding and trim package, but you also have the  choice of other roofing and siding materials with a wide choice of colors. View our portfolio to see many of the options being used on buildings we have built.

Whether you select our standard material or choose another option, rest assured that the integrity of the framing for each and every building is the same.

Graber buildings come with many of the popular features included as standard without any additional hidden charges. All of our structures come with an entry door and one large door, either a garage or sliding door.

  • During your consultation with one of our designers, you may discover you have a real need for:
  • additional doors
  • added storage, like an attic loft
  • increased insulation
  • a different siding material like wood or vinyl
  • attractive wainscoting
  • or one of many other options
  • increased structural strength for snow or wind loads depending on location


How Payment Works:

Consultation, customization and pricing are free on all but the most complex projects.

You need to make a 25% deposit for the installation of your building to be scheduled.
A large payment is due when we deliver the materials for the building.
The final balance is due upon completion of the building.

For larger structures that take longer to install, payments are staged based on building progress.


Thinking about Building Your Pole Barn Yourself?

Be sure you work with high-quality material. Lumber, for example, comes with a rating system that can be confusing. Be sure to understand this rating system to identify the quality of the lumber.

Stay away from less expensive, used or second-hand material sold as surplus. It’s great to find a bargain, but less expensive materials may invite disaster.

Be sure to install the proper truss bracing and hurricane ties.

Work from an actual design that includes ALL the detailed dimensions.

Pay special attention to preparing your site. Some excavation work may be needed so the building will be level.

Option Price Range ($=least expensive $$=moderate expense $$$=most expensive)

  • 12″ overhang that improves ventilation; better appearance, less “boxy,” fits better in residential settings $
  • Barn-style sliding windows or house-style double hung windows that use grids and are insulated like those in your home $
  • Garage Doors – insulated, fancier carriage house style door; seen on newer homes $$
  • Wainscoting around the perimeter that breaks up the look of the siding $
  • Insulation; either our “Vapor Barrier” on the roof or cellulose blown in on top of a steel liner ceiling – ideal when your structure will be used for a shop or a commercial building $
  • Cupolas that add a visually pleasing ornamental touch, and added ventilation $
  • Additional entry doors or “walk-in doors” for easier access $
  • Additional windows can be placed anywhere you’d like as long as they don’t compromise the structure $
  • Concrete flooring can be added to any of our structures for a more substantial floor and finished look $$$
  • Decorative concrete in a custom color or design $$$$
  • Plywood flooring over the gravel, with insulation for a warmer floor $$
  • Pavers, popular with our horse barn customers, for a richer look $$$$
  • Drywall can be added to any of our structures $$
  • Interior walls to divide your space into separate areas for a shop, an office, or workspace $$
  • Side lights or sky lights to bring natural light into the space $
  • Vinyl Siding in a choice of colors, for an upgraded look from metal $$
  • Wood Siding in our Board-n-Batten style is another upgraded look from our standard metal; popular with Horse Barns $$
  • Asphalt shingles in place of the standard metal roof in your choice of colors $$
  • Stone or brick exterior facades over the metal are still MUCH cheaper than a traditionally all-brick built structure $$$
  • Exterior Outside Gutters to drain off rain and melting snow $
  • Snow Guards that goes on top of the roof metal that breaks the Snow up and prevents from falling down $$
  • Lean-to’s provide even more square footage apart from the pole building $$

Looking For the Lease Expensive Pole Barn?

A Graber Building may not be the least expensive post frame building, but give some thought to what actually goes into the lowest cost building. Graber knows how to build the least expensive pole barn, but we don’t do it. It would require cutting way too many corners. And the result would be a lousy product for our customers.

Some examples of corners NOT to cut in pole barn construction:

  • Skipping or skimping on the bracing systems on the trusses that will add much needed support against wind.
  • Shallow foundation holes with insufficient depth. It is hard work, takes time, and is hard on equipment, but we set the poles 4 feet deep. We only send out  experienced crews with the right equipment to make sure it’s done right.
  • Undersized poles that are not strong enough. Smaller sized poles are out there and are less expensive than the standard poles Graber uses, but the savings can be short lived when a structure fails.
  • Metal with a low grade finish that will not withstand environmental conditions. Graber pays more for our metal, but the metal has  40-year limited warranty and a company that stands behind the warranty.
  • Skimping on the number 2 x 4’s used. The correct number of 2 x 4’s are a structural necessity and will keep your building sturdy.
  • Using lower grades of lumber. There is less expensive lumber out there, but it’s another example of simply not being worth it.
  • Short cuts on the workmanship, like sloppy fittings which will prevent the trusses from holding the load of the roof. Poor fitting work will eventually mean having to tear out your siding and replace it.
  • Using metal that will rust after painted. The paint matters but what is underneath the paint also matters. Any paint warranty will be voided if the rust was caused by the metal. And for 20 years, we’ve only been using a Galvalume coating on our metal. That is the best way to prevent rust out there.

Insiders Secret: 6 Ways to Bring the Cost of Your Pole Barn Project Down:

  • Go with a metal roof rather than the more expensive shingles
  • Stick to metal siding, which costs less than wood or vinyl
  • Consider reducing the number of windows
  • Decrease the size of the windows and doors
  • If you won’t need to condition the building consider eliminating the insulation in your building